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Co-Ed Friendly Boot Camp Is a class that develops strength, stamina and agility using functional exercises and involves the use of different tools in the gym.

Date and Time: Tuesday at noon and
Wednesday night at 8pm

Cost: $25.00 Max 12 people per class

Instructor: Instructor Kit Chansavang - Elite Trainer

All fitness levels welcome

For more info: please contact Kit at
604-309-5621 or email

Functional Core Is a high energy,fun motivating 60 min class focusing on integrating different functional tools to improve your ability to activate and challenge your core strength and endurance!

Date and Time: Tues and Thurs evenings
6pm to 7pm
Thurs morning
6am to 7am

7.30 am till 8.30 am

Cost: $35.00 Max 10 people per class

Instructor: Miranda Zilm ,Fitness leader

All fitness levels welcome

For more info please contact Miranda at
604 818 0400 or email

Kettle Bell Blast Is a fast pace, fat burning, high intensity power endurance workout that combines both kettle bell, fundamentals "lifts," such as ballistic, explosive and strength movements.

Date and Time: Mon evening
7pm to 8pm

Cost: $25.00 Max 12 people per class

Instructor: Mark Turner, Kettle Bell coach

All fitness levels welcome

For more info: please contact Mark at
604 617 8851 or email:


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